What I read…


This is not for you, it’s for me to collect all the cool things I read from all over the internet. But because I’m benevolent, I’ll share them with you. You’re welcome!

  • Every now and then, we are caught up in the hypocrisies of our politics. This time it is Uber doing the thing. Kimon de Greef spent time with Cape Town drivers and Ayabonga Cawe spoke to 3 from Johannesburg. Over worked and under attack, such is the price of convenience for the middle class.
  • A few weeks ago I participated in an Innovative Master Class presented by the Bertha Center for Social Innovation. One of the case studies we engaged with was about the recent deal struck between Bridge International Academies and the Liberian Government. This week I discovered Graham Brown-Martin’s Medium page where he talks about this extensively. Like me, he is a skeptic. Something about this transaction doesn’t well, I’m working on articulating it. The highlight of Graham’s writing on this is his interview with the Liberian Education Minister, George Werner. It is full of insightful links which will help you understand Bridges and their history better.
  • Finally, some radicals at the IMF have published a small critique of neo-liberalism. What a time to be alive.



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