Where have I been?


Getting re-passionate about economics and the learning inherent stupidity of human beings so that I can explain why we start things (likes blogs, exercise plans and diets) only to flunk out along the way. Allow me to tell you a little bit about what I’ve learnt and how it links to used blogs and unfinished exercise programs. Essentially humans are a little dumb and surprisingly I’m a human too. Here are my self-diagnosed (I’m partially qualified to do that now) behavioural ailments:

  • Procrastination (this post has been a draft for 2 months)
  • Emotions (I’m only posting this because I’m in the mood)
  • Hyperbolic discounting (When I started the blog, I planned to write a piece a week, fortnight, month because at the time it seemed easy)
  • Tunnelling (I started the blog during the holidays and now once school started that was all I could focus on)
  • Rubbish self-control (browsing Facebook, Buzzfeed, Reddit and Tinder are all much easier than writing for nobody)

So it is the combination of all these problems and more that has meant that the domain kagisozwane.wordpress.com has been in a coma for the last 12 months. Knowing what I know I should probably do things differently so that I can commit to sharing what makes me tick with the world. But I haven’t figured out a way to do that and with classes starting in a week and an honours long paper due in 8 weeks, I won’t. I do however promise to try to come up with something cool and interesting whenever I can, hopefully within the next year.


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